The Aeschylus – David Barclay

The Aeschylus is a tight sci-fi thriller from David Barclay that alternates storylines back and forth between a 1938 Nazi regime on a remote island near Antartica and present day. The Aeschylus is a one-of-a-kind oil platform installed near the remote island and owned by a company called Valley Oil. Kate is the daughter ofContinue reading “The Aeschylus – David Barclay”

The Shining – Stephen King

Book 3 of The Stephen King Challenge and my third time reading The Shining. There’s a reason it’s considered one King’s very best. It has everything that makes a book great. Great characters that have many layers to them and we invest in. One spooky, desolate location that oozes evil. A nice, tight storytelling thatContinue reading “The Shining – Stephen King”