Slowly We Rot – Bryan Smith

The zombie story that’s not a zombie story. Well, not as much as you’d think. So, you’re probably thinking to yourself, “Well, that sucks. Why would I want to read a zombie story that doesn’t focus on the zombies?” I’ll tell you why – it’s a great story. The zombie apocalypse, that the story takesContinue reading “Slowly We Rot – Bryan Smith”

Crowley’s Window – Gord Rollo

Abby was born with a cowl over her face which has given her the ability to see into people and their doings, ala reminiscent of Johnny Smith in the Dead Zone. The ability crescendos once she has her first period and enters womanhood. This is then followed by horrible visions of all of the world’sContinue reading “Crowley’s Window – Gord Rollo”

The Persistence Of Memory – William Meikle

Another enjoyable short story from William Meikle. He’s yet to fail me on any of his offerings and has quickly become one of my favorite authors. In The Persistence Of Memory, Betty misses her dear late husband George. Her fondest memories are his piano playing and singing old songs together. When the piano begins toContinue reading “The Persistence Of Memory – William Meikle”

Judgement Day – Andrew Neiderman

This is my first time reading Neiderman. I have seen and enjoyed the adaptation of The Devil’s Advocate with Al Pacino and Keanu Reeves as well as the obscure and excellent Pin with Terry O’Quinn. Judgement Day is the prequel to The Devil’s Advocate and I can’t say that I enjoyed it. But a storyContinue reading “Judgement Day – Andrew Neiderman”

The Tent – Kealan Patrick Burke

Burke’s tale takes place in the Hocking Hills area of SE Ohio, a place where I have been camping many times. Lucky for me, I have never stumbled upon what Burke’s imagination has lurking there. A couple clinging to the last strings of a failed marriage are attempting to camp in the secluded woods withContinue reading “The Tent – Kealan Patrick Burke”

Rage – Richard Bachman/Stephen King

Rage is the first of King’s Bachman Books and can be very hard to find these days. I happened to have a paperback copy of the Bachman Books that happened to include the prologue of why King chose to write under the pseudoname of Richard Bachman. He basically wanted to see if his writing couldContinue reading “Rage – Richard Bachman/Stephen King”