Night Shift – Stephen King

Book 5 of the Stephen King Challenge is Night Shift. Night Shift is the first short story collection from Stephen King and it is quite simply the finest group of short stories that I’ve ever read. While not all of them are 5 star reads, as a whole the entire compilation is amazing. This isContinue reading “Night Shift – Stephen King”

Boom Town – Glenn Rolfe

A novella from a new player in the horror lineup from Samhain Publishing, which is also the home of the excellent author, Jonathan Janz. Glenn Rolfe weaves a tale that is one part The Blob and one part Invaders from Mars. While the story isn’t original, its still a blast to read. Rolfe has aContinue reading “Boom Town – Glenn Rolfe”

The Doorkeepers – Graham Masterton

Josh’s sister, Julia, moves to London and isn’t heard from for 8 months. One morning, her body is found cut to pieces and dumped into the Thames River. Josh and his girlfriend, Nancy, fly to England and attempt to find out what happened to Julia. The police are stumped and have no leads. They endContinue reading “The Doorkeepers – Graham Masterton”