The Grief Frequency – Kealan Patrick Burke

imageGuilt. It can eat you from the inside out until you’re hollow inside. Paul learns first-hand the power guilt can have over you when he convinces his wife that they should attempt to drive home instead of waiting for a storm to pass. As luck would have it, Paul loses control and his wife is killed in the accident. What ensues is wave after wave of immense grief that is escalated over the breaking point by his father-in-law, who piles it on by blaming Paul for killing his daughter.

Burke really creates a dark and morbid atmosphere here. I can’t imagine what this poor guy had to be going through, but Burke does a great job at putting the reader in his shoes. His descriptive ability and vocabulary in Grief Frequency is indeed impressive. I’ve always thought Burke could be an upper echelon writer. The problem I’ve had with some of his other efforts has been the suspension of disbelief. I simply had a hard time buying what his characters were doing. In Grief Frequency, he puts it all together and it packs an impressive punch to the midsection.

4 1/2 mangled guard rails out of 5
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