Ravenous – Ray Garton

imageA woman is brutally raped and her attacker is taken to the morgue. When the sheriff goes to the morgue to see if he can identify the dead assailant, the body isn’t there. Soon a naked man is spotted running out of the hospital’s ER doors. The sheriff sends his deputy after the man and the deputy ends up brutally murdered in a disemboweling that is determined was done by a large, unseen, wolf-like animal. At the scene of one killing, a mysterious man shoots a “killer” leaving a mysterious, half-changed body that resembles both a human and a wolf. The strangers informs the sheriff that “he’s got a werewolf infestation” in his small Northern California town of Big Rock and that its spread as a STD.

I have to give Garton an A for creativity. I love how he updates the lycanthrope mythology and interweaves it in a tightly written thrill fest. The main characters are distinctive and no one is above being the next victim.The blood pours from the pages as the carnage piles up. The werewolves are vicious and show no mercy. This is my first read of Garton’s work and I highly recommend it.

4 1/2 silver bullets out of 5
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