The Rain Dancers – Greg Gifune


Will returns with Betty to attend his father-in-law’s funeral and settle his estate. While staying at the house on a rainy night, a stranger arrives claiming to be an old friend of Betty and her dad. Although Betty has no recollection of Ed, they let the elderly gentleman in and she soon becomes enchanted by his stories of her and her dad from when she was young. Will, feeling like the left out stranger, finds it strange that this man knows so much about his wife and yet she doesn’t remember anything about him. Even more strange is how comfortable she becomes with him, a trait he has never seen her display in 20 years of marriage. Is he being paranoid or is there more to Ed that meets the eye?

The Rain Dancers is a great tale by Gifune. The man knows psychological horror better than about any other author out there. He paints an amazingly uncomfortable setting that you keep putting yourself in Will’s place and asking yourself, “What would I do if I were in his shoes?” As the story unfolds, the tension ratchets up to point where it almost feels hallucinating. This is Gifune at his best. Highly recommended.

5 rain soaked strangers out of 5
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