Failure – John Everson


Three losers… Cind was cheating her way through high school. Sal couldn’t get a girl and Raymond botched multiple attempts at killing himself. When a mysterious stranger offers Sal the best weed he’s ever smoked if he’ll get two other people to have sex while the stranger watches, he wonders “what’s the catch?” Did the stranger fail to mention that they would be having the sex on the floor of the basement covered with a huge pentagram drenched in blood while the stranger recites strange incantations? Probably not. But the pot IS really good and besides, what could possibly go wrong?

While reading Failure, the AC/DC song If You Want Blood… kept popping up in my mind and rightfully so. This is my first Everson story and this one is full of the red stuff. It is definitely not for the squeamish and the story is told in a very tongue-in-cheek way that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Its a fun tale that I thoroughly enjoyed and I suggest that you give it a try too.

4 sacrifices out of 5
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