Animosity – James Newman

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I first discovered James Newman briefly in his excellent werewolf short story, The Virgin O’ Full Moon Falls and I was looking forward to the much hyped Animosity. Let me tell ya, the hype was warranted. Newman delivered and then some.

Andy is a successful horor author. He’s a beloved figure on his cul de sac getting along well with his neighbors. His books are featured down at the local convenience store. Although Andy is trying to get over a painful divorce where his wife ran off with the guy that she cheated on him with, life seems to be ok. Then one day, while taking his dog for a walk, Andy discovers the body of little girl who has been raped and murdered. Next thing you know, the neighbors, fueled by the yellow journalism of the local media, begin doubting Andy’s integrity. Paranoia ensues to the 10th power and Andy is at the mercy of the media and his crazed neighbors that want to smell blood in the water.

Animosity is a wonderful parody of yellow journalism run amok and how many of American’s drink the media’s Kool Aid without engaging their brains. You will cringe and shudder while reading Animosity. Newman does a wonderful job painting a scenario out of control and you won’t be able to put it down. Excellent read.

5 neighbors foaming at the mouth out of 5

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