Sour Candy – Kealan Patrick Burke


A simple trip to the store to get your girlfriend some candy turns into a nightmare. While perusing through the options in the candy aisle, Phil hears a child screaming a tantrum at the top of his little lungs beside him. The mother looks haggard and dazed, if not physically ill. After making a quick exit from the store, Phil thinks thats the end of that. The next thing he knows, he’s rear-ended while driving smashing his ribs into the steering wheel. Guess who is driving the car that hit him. You guessed it and the child is nowhere to be found. As the police are trying to sort things out, the mother that hit him whispers some gibberish to Phil and then promptly walks out into traffic where she’s bounced off the hood of a car and killed. The police take him home where he discovers that the child is waiting for him and calling him Daddy. Everything Phil thought was real is now changed.

Burke comes up with a great story that mixes elements of Lovecraft, Gifune, and King and what comes out will make the hair stand up on the back of your neck. Highly recommended.

5 stag skulls out of 5

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