The Hallow – Keith Deininger



I purposely waited a couple of days to review Keith Deininger’s The Hallow. I wanted what I had just read to sink in; to chew on it and roll it around. The Hallow is a trippy, drug-induced journey into the life of James after his car breaks down and he has to resort to walking everywhere. He begins to notice strange things that he never noticed while driving the same streets. His roommate Vance and him stumble home one afternoon drunk and discover a strange girl in their house. She gets up and goes into James’s room and lies on the bed. When James goes in there, she’s dead.

Things get really trippy after that and Deininger has a really staccato way of storytelling in this one where you go back and forth, starting and stopping that really makes it difficult to understand what it going on. This is my first story by Deininger and the guy can write, but the delivery, in an attempt to show the disjointed events transpiring for our protagonist, makes the story more muddy than trippy and prevents it from being enjoyable.

2 1/2 weird trees out of 5
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