Prince of Nightmares – John McNee

The Ballador House is set in the remote reaches of Scotland and it has some very unique characteristics. Anyone that stays there is guaranteed to have nightmares. This guarantee has transformed the Ballador House into a must-stay destination for some very unusual clientele that happen to be into that kind of thing. Not the kindContinue reading “Prince of Nightmares – John McNee”

Desolation – Kristopher Rufty

Grant Marlowe changed Dennis’s life forever that fateful night when he drunkenly got behind the wheel and killed his pregnant wife and child. Grant’s big-shot lawyer friends got him off easy. Too easy for Dennis and he can’t get over the pain and suffering of losing his family. In fact, while Grant is getting outContinue reading “Desolation – Kristopher Rufty”

Interview With Hunter Shea

    Lets get the vitals out of the way – Name: Hunter Shea DOB: Most likely before you were born. Birthplace: In a town adjacent to the Boogie Down Bronx City of Residence: Asgard Marital Status: Happily Children: 2 wonderful girls Pets: 2 very different cats Into The Macabre: When did you first startContinue reading “Interview With Hunter Shea”

Unseemly – Jason Parent

The novella, Unseemly, is my first read from author, Jason Parent. For a guy who hails from New England, Jason does a really nice job at painting a vivid and realistic picture of a secluded. island off of the northern coast of Scotland. Parent summons his inner Lovecraft as he introduces us to Peter, anContinue reading “Unseemly – Jason Parent”

The Long Walk – Stephen King

The Long Walk is a re-read for me that I picked back up for Book #7 of the Stephen King Challenge. It is also one of the original stories that King wrote as Richard Bachman. I found it funny in the prologue section entitled The Importance of Being Bachman, King writes that he used hisContinue reading “The Long Walk – Stephen King”

Zero Lives Remaining – Adam Cesare

It’s 1989 and Robby is working at the Funcave arcade making pizzas. Some may not think very much of Robby’s job, but he loves working there and takes it very seriously. Then, one day, a freak accident pulls Robby into the pizza oven and just like that, no more Robby. Even though his body isn’tContinue reading “Zero Lives Remaining – Adam Cesare”