Desolation – Kristopher Rufty


Grant Marlowe changed Dennis’s life forever that fateful night when he drunkenly got behind the wheel and killed his pregnant wife and child. Grant’s big-shot lawyer friends got him off easy. Too easy for Dennis and he can’t get over the pain and suffering of losing his family. In fact, while Grant is getting out of prison less than a year later, Dennis has been slowly losing his mind from the grief. Grant needs to be made to suffer all of the torment that Dennis has had to endure and when Grant decides to take his family up to the family cabin in the mountains for Christmas, Dennis decides it’s time for Grant to pay for his sins.

Desolation doesn’t break any new ground. It’s a classic get-them-alone-and-enact-your-revenge slasher story. There really aren’t many surprises along the way, but that doesn’t make this an entertaining read. Rufty handles the material with skill and crafts out a nice story. A few of the scenes are a little too convenient for my taste. Some key characters are spared due to happenings that would defy Vegas-type odds and made my eyes roll. The other thing that kept popping up was all of the grammatical errors. It was so many that it made you wondered if the book was ever edited at all. I hope that the fact that my copy was an Advanced Review Copy means that they did one more final edit before they sent it to the printers. All in all, a decent slasher story worth the read.

3 1/2 disemboweled family members out of 5
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