A Mixed Bag of Blood – David Bernstein

  A collection of short stories from David Bernstein. Here we go: The Trojan Plushy – Another revenge tale that combines the werewolf with witchcraft and the Trojan Horse. Has a Twilight Zone-kind of feel. 4 out of 5 stars The Booglin – You’ll think twice the next time you have a booger stuck andContinue reading “A Mixed Bag of Blood – David Bernstein”

The Grave – Charles L. Grant

  I enjoy the slow burn of Grant’s storytelling. If you know anything of him, you know that he doesn’t bludgeon you over the head with nonstop gore and action. He teases you with the horror, slowly building up into a final crescendo. I’ve been reading his Oxrun Station series in chronological order and TheContinue reading “The Grave – Charles L. Grant”

Relic of Death – David Bernstein

  When two mafia hit men have their luxury SUV breakdown in rural upstate NY after disposing of a body, they come upon a house on a dirt lane. They beat on the door to no avail. No one is home. The door is reinforced and won’t budge. They try to shoot their way in.Continue reading “Relic of Death – David Bernstein”

I Kill In Peace – Hunter Shea

Peter gets a strange message at work warning him that he is going to be fired at the end of the day. The message is from someone labeled as AO. He doesn’t know anyone by AO and writes it off as a prank and at the end of the day, guess what happens? That’s right.Continue reading “I Kill In Peace – Hunter Shea”

Firestarter – Stephen King

Andy and his daughter Charlene, Charlie for short, are on the run. A government agency known as The Shop are after them. Years ago, The Shop was responsible for administering a secret experiemental drug into the veins of Charlie’s parents when they were broke and naive college kids. The drug, called Lot Number Six, wentContinue reading “Firestarter – Stephen King”

Vicki Beautiful – Somer Canon

Brynn and Sasha, along with their spouses, head to Vicki’s beautiful home to celebrate, with her and her husband, Vicki’s 40th birthday and that she’s cancer free. The house is immaculate, the table is set flawlessly, the food is done to perfection. All of this is to be expected. Vicki is known for her neverContinue reading “Vicki Beautiful – Somer Canon”