Vicki Beautiful – Somer Canon


Brynn and Sasha, along with their spouses, head to Vicki’s beautiful home to celebrate, with her and her husband, Vicki’s 40th birthday and that she’s cancer free. The house is immaculate, the table is set flawlessly, the food is done to perfection. All of this is to be expected. Vicki is known for her never ending quest for all thing in her life to be beautiful. What is it expected is her announcement that her cancer is back and that she doesn’t have very long to live. Even worse is what she asking her friends to do for her after she is gone.

Vicki Beautiful is the debut novel from Somer Canon and she shows promise in what could be a very nice writing career for her. With Vicki Beautiful, she seems to have carved out a story that could very well described as Glamour magazine meets American Psycho. I literally was gagging as Brynn and Sasha were struggling to honor their friend’s last wishes. My advice is to give the story a try and stick with it. The journey ends up being the shining star of the story and not necessarily the destination.

3 1/2 Leg of Vicki out of 5
** This ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review
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