I Kill In Peace – Hunter Shea


Peter gets a strange message at work warning him that he is going to be fired at the end of the day. The message is from someone labeled as AO. He doesn’t know anyone by AO and writes it off as a prank and at the end of the day, guess what happens? That’s right. His self-righteous prick of a boss calls him into his office and gives him the axe. Who is this AO and how did they know about it? Later on that day, AO sends him another message telling him to get ready to kill his ex-boss and that he’ll send a red Mustang for him to use. Peter has no desire to follow through with AO’s demand and refuses. As a result, he is greeted with the most excruciating, debilitating pain in his head. Seeing the Mustang pull in at the rendezvous point, Peter stumbles over to it to kick whoever this AO is ass. Whipping the door to the running muscle car open, he finds that there is no one inside and as soon as he sits in the car, the headache is instantly gone. Is Peter going crazy? How is this AO able to communicate with him and provide the means to kill his boss? Will Peter really go through with what AO demands?

I Kill in Peace is a fast paced tale from Hunter Shea that keeps you turning the pages so fast that they almost become a blur as you try to discover what is really happening to Peter. It is a tight story that you should let yourself have fun with. You’ll be glad you did.

4 Holy Marys out of 5
** I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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