Last Train From Perdition (I Travel By Night, Book Two) – Robert McCammon



The saga of Jonathan Lawson continues. After the battle in Louisiana , LaRouge escapes and Lawson is forced to continue the search for her once more. This time, he has a sidekick. Ann’s father was taken by LaRouge and now she joins Jonathan to travel by night in search of answers. Their search is sidetracked when a wealthy business man hires them to go to Perdition, Montana to find and bring back his son who is running with an outlaw gang. When Jonathan and Ann find his son, a shootout in the saloon erupts and innocent girl is severely injured. Knowing that the last train out of Perdition that heads to Helena where there is a hospital is her only shot at survival, the duo accompany her and their outlaw adversaries. But there is evil waiting for them along the way.

Last Train From Perdition is an absolute blast to read. I’m so glad McCammon is blending the two genres that he’s so good at (horror and historical fiction). The writing is crisp. The characters are memorable. The pacing is nothing less than superb. The bleak Montana winter landscape in the middle of the night is a perfect setting for this masterpiece. McCammon is clicking on all cylinders and here’s to hoping he never stops!
5 frigid fangs out of 5
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