Savages – Greg Gifune

  Greg Gifune has outdone himself yet again. He has established himself firmly as one of the finest horror authors out there and anyone that has read my reviews knows that he’s definitely one of my favorites. Simply put, I have yet to read anything mediocre by him. If he has a clunker in hisContinue reading “Savages – Greg Gifune”

Ghoul – Marc Alexander

Ghoul was originally published in 1980 under the name Mark Ronson. Fast forward to 2016 and the same story is published under the name Marc Alexander. Why? I have no clue. But what I do know is that Ghoul one of the better pulp horror to come out of the early 1980s. It reminds meContinue reading “Ghoul – Marc Alexander”

The Night Parade – Ronald Malfi

  There are writers and then there is Ronald Malfi. From the first chapter of The Night Parade, it was evident that Malfi’s caliber of writing was a notch above what I’m used to seeing from the genre. The verbiage and imagery raised the writing into something majestic. It makes me want to throw awayContinue reading “The Night Parade – Ronald Malfi”

Resurrection – Tim Curran

  The rain kept falling and falling and falling…and like the rain, the story kept going and going and…well, you get the idea. This one ran the gamut with me, good and bad. Resurrection is listed as a Zombie Epic and you better believe it when they say epic. The problem was that it wasContinue reading “Resurrection – Tim Curran”

In Perpetuity – Tim Lebbon

  The latest from Tim Lebbon, In Perpetuity, is a murky fantasy tale cloaked with shades of horror. A father and his son, Sammy, enter a strange store that they’ve never seen before. Inside, Sammy is taken away by a man that goes by the moniker, The Keeper, and demands that the father go outContinue reading “In Perpetuity – Tim Lebbon”