In Perpetuity – Tim Lebbon



The latest from Tim Lebbon, In Perpetuity, is a murky fantasy tale cloaked with shades of horror. A father and his son, Sammy, enter a strange store that they’ve never seen before. Inside, Sammy is taken away by a man that goes by the moniker, The Keeper, and demands that the father go out and find him proof of love, if he ever wants his son back. The Keeper has a strange collection in his mysterious store – a saber-toothed tiger pacing in a cage, Kennedy’s smashed skull, Hitler’s testicle, etc – and he want to add to it by forcing people to go out and bring him whatever rare oddity he desires.

In what sounds like a promising premise, is anything but. In a feigned attempt at trying to create a profound story about how a father’s love knows no boundaries when it comes to saving his son, Lebbon delivers a half-baked fantasy tale that comes across as muddy, unclear, and hard to swallow. On top of it all, this one needs some serious editing because there are grammatical errors all over the place. I’ve enjoyed other Lebbon stories. Unfortunately, I can’t put In Perpetuity among them.

2 Green Men out of 5
* I received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review
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