The Jack in the Green – Frazer Lee



Mild-mannered Tom McRae keeps having the same night terrors over and over. He keeps reliving that horrific morning when he was six and his parents were brutally murdered. His wife isn’t able to provide any relief. She’s trying to recover from her own nightmare of having a miscarriage and is in a semi-catatonic state from all of the meds she’s on. Tom’s boss sends him to Scotland to secure a large tract of land to be used in extracting biofuels. The small village of Douglass isn’t too keen on the idea of someone coming in and hacking down all of their trees. They still cling to pagan rituals and celebrate their holidays, such as Samhain. On top of that, a group of hippy protestors also have a beef with the whole thing. Last, but certainly not least, Tom is stuck with his overbearing and obnoxious co-worker, Dieter along for the ride. Tom’s nightmares begin to spill over into his time in Douglass when he’s not sleeping and he begins to question his sanity. Is Douglass more than it appears or is Tom losing his mind?

Frazer Lee slowly unravels this tale with a sophisticated voice and a nice vocabulary. Tom seems like a sad sack that you can’t quite put your finger on whats going on. This was turning out to be a solid 4-star read before it ground to a halt towards the end and then the “tie-it-all-together” ending felt too rushed to me. Almost as if the story ran out and there wasn’t a better way to explain things, so lets just throw all our cards down and show you our hand. Or, I wonder if this story suffered from the dreaded editors knife in an attempt to keep it under so many words for the publisher. This dropped it down to a 3 1/2 stars for me. Other than that, Lee can write his ass off. I have no doubt I’ll be reading much more from the Brit. Theres a reason he was nominated for a Bram Stoker Award. In The Jack in the Green, you can see why.

3 1/2 Jack and Jills out of 5
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3 thoughts on “The Jack in the Green – Frazer Lee

  1. Hi, Ken. I’m sorry to be writing this here, but I can’t find anywhere else to contact you.

    My pen name is Mawr Gorshin, and I write erotic horror. I’ve been looking at your book reviews on Amazon and here, and since you review a lot of horror, you might like my e-book, Sweet.

    I like the way your reviews include a brief synopsis of the story, as well as the enthusiasm with which you write a review for a novel you like. Your way of wording the ratings out of five is also amusing and creative. And when you critique a novel’s imperfections, it’s honest without sounding harsh. That seems perfect for what I need in a book review.

    I would really appreciate an honest review of my horror novel, about a psychotic woman who gets pregnant, then after a few months, kills, cooks, and eats her babies. The Amazon link gives a complete blurb of the story.

    I can gift you a free copy of my e-novel. I hope you’ll consider giving it an honest review. Thanks!

    Mawr Gorshin

    1. Hi Mawr,

      I appreciate the kind words about my reviews. I try to be fair and realistic without kissing butt. I’m an aspiring author, myself, and I get that some writers can be ultra-sensative about their work. But, I also don’t think that there’s any value in people that give 5-star reviews out like they’re handing out candy at Halloween. So, I’d be more than happy to review your story in exchange for an honest review. You can send the e-novel to Thank you in adavance,


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