The Lost – Jack Ketchum

Right off the bat, The Lost starts with a bang (pardon the pun). Ray was a nutcase when he was a teenager and blew two girls away that were camping. His two friends, Tim and Jennifer, were sheep when they watched him do it and just stood there with their mouths open. They didn’t turnContinue reading “The Lost – Jack Ketchum”

Group Read with James Newman

  On November 21, 2016, James Newman’s novella Odd Man Out will be coming out. As many of you know, James is the renowned horror author of such masterpieces as Animosity, Midnight Rain, Ugly As Sin, and The Wicked. Join us on the Goodreads group, Gore and More, in December as we read Odd ManContinue reading “Group Read with James Newman”

The Eighth – Stephanie M. Wytovich

I like my horror much the way I like my whisky – high quality, straight up, excellent from the beginning to the end, and leaving me wanting more. I can be all over the board when it comes to horror that I like. The biggest thing is suspension of disbelief. If I’m not buying intoContinue reading “The Eighth – Stephanie M. Wytovich”