Group Read with James Newman



On November 21, 2016, James Newman’s novella Odd Man Out will be coming out. As many of you know, James is the renowned horror author of such masterpieces as Animosity, Midnight Rain, Ugly As Sin, and The Wicked.

Join us on the Goodreads group, Gore and More, in December as we read Odd Man Out with none other than the man himself. James has graciously accepted our offer to be the guest author for the month providing insight into how Odd Man Out came to be, answering all of our questions as we delve into his latest, and giving us behind the scenes information on the writing world, in general. Not only is James a walking vault of knowledge, but he’s one hell of a nice guy!

If you’d like to join in the reading with us, here is the link to get you started –



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2 thoughts on “Group Read with James Newman

    1. Odd Man Out was incredible. It touched on so many emotions and the group loved it. James also did a great job interacting with the group and provided so many interesting tidbits on the background of the story and the world of writing.

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