The Winter Box – Tim Waggoner



The winter box was an antique wooden box purchased by Heather when her and Todd were first together and they would put one object in the box on their anniversary that represents something about their relationship. Twenty one years later, their relationship is in peril of collapsing. Snowed in on their anniversary, they’re close to throwing in the towel when an outside force reveals how bad life can be apart.

The Winter Box has a nice atmosphere and Waggoner has an easy writing style, but somewhere along the line it doesn’t fully deliver. There’s not much in the way of scares and the reason why the events take place is fuzzy and never really explained. The story kind of comes off as a derivative of A Christmas Carol for relationships. However, it still shows promise and doesn’t discourage me to check out more of Waggoner’s work.

3 white out blizzards out of 5
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