Dead of Winter – Brian Moreland



In a remote fur-trapping outpost in Quebec, someone…or something is killing the inhabitants of Fort Pendleton and eating their bodies. Tom Hatcher has seen this before. The inspector from Montreal has recently captured the Cannery Cannibal after his gruesome murder spree of 12 prostitutes. Father Xavier has seen these dark forces at work, as well. He has spent his life exercising demons from poor, helpless souls. Anika Moonblood is also privy to the dark spirits that haunt these woods. Her tribe have been dealing with the evil manitous for generations. With the help of Father Xavier and Anika, can Tom Hatcher get to the bottom of these ghastly deaths in time to save people of Fort Pendleton or will evil prevail?

Dead of Winter is one action-packed thrill ride from cover to cover. It is also Moreland’s debut, which thoroughly amazes me. It is so well written and thought out. You can really tell that Moreland has done his research. Native American folklore is marriaged beautifully with Catholic exorcisms and set in the unique backdrop of the frigid and desolate backdrop of the remote Canadian wilderness of the late 1800s. I thought the characters were great and Brian packs a ton of twists and turns into 300 pages to keep you flying through it. If I were to look hard and try to come up with a complaint, I can only think of one minor one. His protagonists seem to be way too progressive in their thinking in abuse towards woman in the late 1800s. Although, it would be very normal to be appalled at certain things today, I have my doubts that many people would’ve put up a fuss in the northern frontier in 1878. But again, it’s a minor complaint. The rest of it is superb and it kicked off my 2017 with a bang.

5 Gnawed Severed Arms out of 5
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