Dead City – Joe McKinney



This is my first time reading anything by Joe McKinney. Dead City has been on my TBR pile for quite some time. Three to four years, to be exact. My hesitation has stemmed from the gluttony of zombie stories that have flooded the market in the past decade. It’s really too bad, because Dead City is a cut above the average walking dead tale. There’s not a lot of original ideas or unique spins to the story. What it has going for it is the authentic view of a police officer. I know. I know. The Walking Dead’s Rick was a police officer too. But Joe’s officer, Eddie, is a three-dimensional take on a cop trying to get back to his family in a sea of zombies. It makes sense. McKinney is a cop, himself, and it shows. The language and terminology isn’t your Hollywood take on what it’s like to be a police officer. Its as real as it gets. I love that POV and it really transcends Dead City above your average zombie story. It’s also the first of a trilogy, so I’ll be seeing Eddie in the future stomp some rotted flesh.


4 Maggot-Infested Bodies out of 5


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