Operation Antarctica – William Meikle



Captain John Banks and his men are fresh off their encounter with underwater beasties off the Baffin Island coast. If they thought they’d seen everything on that mission, they won’t believe their eyes on their next assignment. The Scottish solidiers are sent to investigate a forgotten Nazi outpost on Antarctica. What they find is more than old, frozen corpses and dusty swastika flags. Inside a long deserted hangar is the weapon the Nazis were working on. It’s been sitting their dormant for almost 80 years just waiting for someone to turn it on.

Operation Antarctica is more of the same popcorn chomping kind of read that we got from Meikle in Infestation. John Banks’s group are a fun group to root for. Lots of ball busting jokes mixed in with an Indiana Jones type of an adventure. He also lets his imagination go wild with a take on the Nazi folklore story of seceret aircraft in an Antarctic base. This is where Meikle shines the brightest. He’s able to take a story that could’ve came across as silly nonsense or full of plot holes and expertly crafts it into a rip-roaring adventure that you can buy into. His third John Banks tale was released this week and I can’t wait to dive into it.


4 1/2 Bloody Swastikas out of 5


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