The Revenant – Brana Lobel

Life is moving fast for Portia. After getting out of a bad relationship, she spends all of her energy concentrating on her career. The last thing she expected was to meet someone who would take her breath away at a cocktail party. Chris did exactly that and three weeks later, she did exactly that by moving in with Chris at his Brooklyn apartment. Life is hectic. They both work long hours and, many times, the couple don’t see each other very much. Chris’s photography keeps him out at various times of the day and when he’s home, he’s spending lots of time in his dark room developing film. Meanwhile, Portia is not only getting used to the relationship, she’s also getting used to the apartment. Strange sounds randomly emanate from no discernible location within the apartment. After a few unnerving incidents, Portia discovers that they built the apartment on a location where a former residence used to set… and that residence had an evil history.

The Revenant is old-school horror, which is what you’d expect from a story written in 1979. You won’t find non-stop action or pages drenched in blood. What you have is a slow buildup of dread and unease, nice, slow character development, and an interesting backstory that takes its time to unfurl. They often called this style Quiet Horror and Charles L. Grant used to be the master at it. If you’re a fan, The Revenant is a nice representative. Pick yourself up a copy and have a taste of the way horror used to be.

4 1/2 Rolls of Haunted Film out of 5

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