Ugly Little Things – Todd Keisling

  A collection of shorts and a novella from Todd Keisling. His novella, The Final Reconciliation, I reviewed back in January. To make this review complete, I’ve included it. Here we go –   A Man in Your Garden – A clever telling of seeing something out the window through the raindrop while fighting offContinue reading “Ugly Little Things – Todd Keisling”

The Final Reconciliation – Todd Keisling

  So, as a fellow metal-head, I feel a kindred spirit with Todd as he unfurls The Final Reconciliation, a story about a journalist who is interviewing Aidan Cross. Cross is an aging guitarist who is institutionalized for going off his nut over the tragic show his band played 30 years ago. Aidan was theContinue reading “The Final Reconciliation – Todd Keisling”