Optical Delusion – Hunter Shea

  Hunter Shea has tapped into our childhood for his latest offering of fear. Remember those ads in the backs of comic books? Muscles like Charles Atlas. Sea monkeys. Joy buzzers. Fake ice cubes with a fly in the middle. Gum that turns your mouth black. Oh, and the ever popular, X-ray glasses. I certainlyContinue reading “Optical Delusion – Hunter Shea”

Grave Business – Graham Ingels and Al Feldstein

  I have vivid memories of going through my older brother’s comic book collection when I was kid. He was a big fan of the many different Marvel superheroes and rarely missed picking up the latest Spider Man or X-Men offering. He would also hit garage sales with my grandma and use his allowance toContinue reading “Grave Business – Graham Ingels and Al Feldstein”