Interview With Glen R. Krisch

  Let’s get the vitals out of the way – Name: Glen Krisch Marital Status: Married Children: three sons Pets: three dogs Ghosts: two Into The Macabre: Two ghosts? This I have to hear! Glen: Well, I guess you could say we currently have one ghost. The other one we left behind when we movedContinue reading “Interview With Glen R. Krisch”

Nothing Lasting – Glen Krisch

In 1984, Noah Berkley moves into his grandfather’s old house with his father following his parent’s divorce. Noah’s memories are clipped and fuzzy of the times he spent here while his grandfather was alive. He vaguely remembers Derek, the older boy that lives next door and whose mother is now dating Noah’s father. Noah isContinue reading “Nothing Lasting – Glen Krisch”