The Offspring – J.N. Williamson

Eric and Peg live with their ex-senator grandfather in a large, old house in an Indianapolis neighborhood. Their mysteriously ill mother also lives there where she is rarely seen and holes up in her room. And then there is Lynn. Lynn is an unseen “sibling” that their grandfather rescued from the middle east to raiseContinue reading “The Offspring – J.N. Williamson”

Twisted – Andrew Kaufman

Dr. Christopher Kellan receives a new patient to evaluate at Loveland Psychiatric Hospital’s Alpha Twelve Ward. One Donnie Ray Smith has been accused of killing 10 young girls and its up to Dr. Kellan to determine if his patient is faking insanity. As he delves deeper into the case, he sustains a minor head injuryContinue reading “Twisted – Andrew Kaufman”

Blackout – Tim Curran

Want to know how to do sci-fi/horror right? Something that takes you back to great cinematic offerings from the hey day of 1980s? Look no further than Tim Curran’s Blackout. Claustrophobic, eerie, familiar surroundings and people, and like a master magician, Curran only shows you what he wants you to see when he wants youContinue reading “Blackout – Tim Curran”

The Nightmare Girl – Jonathan Janz

Another top-notch offering from Jonathan Janz. The opening scene of The Nightmare Girl ranks right up there with Gage getting hit by the semi in Pet Sematary as one of the most gut wrenching moments in horror fiction for any parent to visualize. When Angie is losing it at the gas station and beating theContinue reading “The Nightmare Girl – Jonathan Janz”