Loch Ness Revenge – Hunter Shea

    2019 is starting out with a bang as Hunter Shea’s LOCH NESS REVENGE is my first read of the new year. And oh what a read it was. Who isn’t fascinated by one of the most famous cryptids of all time, the Loch Ness Monster? For me, Nessie has always been one ofContinue reading “Loch Ness Revenge – Hunter Shea”

Jurassic, Florida – Hunter Shea

  Let me start this review off by saying that I’m a big fan of Hunter Shea. The guy has made his bread and butter by putting out high-quality creature features. With the amount of work this guy has published in the last few years, even Rembrandt has to stumble once in a while. Jurassic,Continue reading “Jurassic, Florida – Hunter Shea”

Optical Delusion – Hunter Shea

  Hunter Shea has tapped into our childhood for his latest offering of fear. Remember those ads in the backs of comic books? Muscles like Charles Atlas. Sea monkeys. Joy buzzers. Fake ice cubes with a fly in the middle. Gum that turns your mouth black. Oh, and the ever popular, X-ray glasses. I certainlyContinue reading “Optical Delusion – Hunter Shea”

We Are Always Watching – Hunter Shea

  Hunter Shea has to be the hardest working author in the horror genre right now. It seems as if, in the past year, he’s releasing a new offering every month or two. That’s quite the pace considering the turmoil the industry is in currently. They say during hard times that the cream rises toContinue reading “We Are Always Watching – Hunter Shea”

I Kill In Peace – Hunter Shea

Peter gets a strange message at work warning him that he is going to be fired at the end of the day. The message is from someone labeled as AO. He doesn’t know anyone by AO and writes it off as a prank and at the end of the day, guess what happens? That’s right.Continue reading “I Kill In Peace – Hunter Shea”

Interview With Hunter Shea

    Lets get the vitals out of the way – Name: Hunter Shea DOB: Most likely before you were born. Birthplace: In a town adjacent to the Boogie Down Bronx City of Residence: Asgard Marital Status: Happily Children: 2 wonderful girls Pets: 2 very different cats Into The Macabre: When did you first startContinue reading “Interview With Hunter Shea”

They Rise – Hunter Shea

  My second read by Hunter Shea and also my favorite, so far. They Rise is equal parts Jaws, Pirahna, and Tremors. Shea does a marvelous job creating a tale that mixes B-move sci-fi without having any of the hokiness. A fishing charter catches more than what it bargains for off of the shores ofContinue reading “They Rise – Hunter Shea”

Tortures of the Damned – Hunter Shea

   The horror/sci-fi genre has experienced a huge boom in post-apocalyptic stories in the last decade. Many are thanks to Brian Keene and The Walking Dead making zombies the popular choice, these days, and it shows. The market is over saturated with zombie books – some good, but most are meh…seen it, done it, readContinue reading “Tortures of the Damned – Hunter Shea”