Sour Candy – Kealan Patrick Burke

A simple trip to the store to get your girlfriend some candy turns into a nightmare. While perusing through the options in the candy aisle, Phil hears a child screaming a tantrum at the top of his little lungs beside him. The mother looks haggard and dazed, if not physically ill. After making a quickContinue reading “Sour Candy – Kealan Patrick Burke”

The Grief Frequency – Kealan Patrick Burke

Guilt. It can eat you from the inside out until you’re hollow inside. Paul learns first-hand the power guilt can have over you when he convinces his wife that they should attempt to drive home instead of waiting for a storm to pass. As luck would have it, Paul loses control and his wife isContinue reading “The Grief Frequency – Kealan Patrick Burke”

The Tent – Kealan Patrick Burke

Burke’s tale takes place in the Hocking Hills area of SE Ohio, a place where I have been camping many times. Lucky for me, I have never stumbled upon what Burke’s imagination has lurking there. A couple clinging to the last strings of a failed marriage are attempting to camp in the secluded woods withContinue reading “The Tent – Kealan Patrick Burke”