Last Train From Perdition (I Travel By Night, Book Two) – Robert McCammon

  The saga of Jonathan Lawson continues. After the battle in Louisiana , LaRouge escapes and Lawson is forced to continue the search for her once more. This time, he has a sidekick. Ann’s father was taken by LaRouge and now she joins Jonathan to travel by night in search of answers. Their search isContinue reading “Last Train From Perdition (I Travel By Night, Book Two) – Robert McCammon”

Hell’s Bounty – Joe Lansdale

Smith, a bounty hunter in the old west, is one mean and selfish SOB. He lets a prostitute get beaten from an inch of her life by his latest bounty while sitting downstairs in the saloon. While attempting to gun down Quill, his bounty, he blows himself up with his signature weapon – dynamite. TheContinue reading “Hell’s Bounty – Joe Lansdale”