Bone Chimes – Kristopher Rufty



Bone Chimes is Rufty’s first collection of short stories and I have to say that I think it’s some of his best work. There are so many gems hidden away in Bone Chimes that each new story you read will be your new favorite that replaced the story before it. The development is excellent and has a very 1980s heyday of horror cinema to it. In case you were wondering, that’s a good thing in my book. The influences of Stephen King, Robert McCammon, Bentley Little, Charles L. Grant, John Carpenter and David Cronenberg are all there.

Love Seat felt like it was made next door to the factory that built Stephen King’s Christine. The Chomper felt like it was set in Grant’s Oxrun Station. The Wager, Bruce Smiley’s Ultimate Death Machine, and Bedside Manner had that great Twilight Zone feel to them. But the one that made me look uneasily over my shoulder was Gearhart’s Wife. That one was full of creepiness and atmosphere that Rufty ladled on with a very large spoon. I kept thinking to myself, what would I do if I were loan officer. This may sound like blasphemy, but I think when he’s not trying to paint the pages red, Rufty’s best writing comes to the surface. He spends his time crafting atmosphere and the characters have that extra je ne sais quoi that breathes life into them. All in all, Rufty has something for everyone in this collection and I can’t say enough about it. Get your butt over to Amazon and click on it immediately.

5 Psycho Relationships out of 5


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