Tormentor – William Meikle

  Jim Greenwood’s life is devastated with the death of his wife from cancer. He attempts to start over by getting away from all of the pain that surrounds him in London by moving to a remote home on the NE coast of Scotland near Dunvegan. The home is the oldest in the area andContinue reading “Tormentor – William Meikle”

The Winter Box – Tim Waggoner

  The winter box was an antique wooden box purchased by Heather when her and Todd were first together and they would put one object in the box on their anniversary that represents something about their relationship. Twenty one years later, their relationship is in peril of collapsing. Snowed in on their anniversary, they’re closeContinue reading “The Winter Box – Tim Waggoner”

Grave Business – Graham Ingels and Al Feldstein

  I have vivid memories of going through my older brother’s comic book collection when I was kid. He was a big fan of the many different Marvel superheroes and rarely missed picking up the latest Spider Man or X-Men offering. He would also hit garage sales with my grandma and use his allowance toContinue reading “Grave Business – Graham Ingels and Al Feldstein”

The Haunted Halls – Glenn Rolfe

  The Bruton Inn has had its share of evil history. Mysterious deaths that were later found to be murders at the hands of Sarah, a girl that exploits everything and everyone around her for her own evil whims. Fast forward thirty years and the Bruton Inn is experiencing some strange happenings behind the lockedContinue reading “The Haunted Halls – Glenn Rolfe”

They Thirst – Robert McCammon

  I’m not sure how this one slipped through my fingers. I could’ve sworn that I’d read They Thirst many, many years ago, but for some odd reason I couldn’t remember much at all about it. So, I figured it was time for a re-read. Well, now I know why I don’t remember much aboutContinue reading “They Thirst – Robert McCammon”