Lords of Twilight – Greg Gifune

Lane Boyce, racked with guilt and sorrow after a scandal causes him to lose his job as a teacher and then his marriage in the scandal’s aftermath, relocates to the remote small town of Edgar in northern Maine. There, Lane attempts to overcome his emotional grief and find a meaning and purpose in his life.Continue reading “Lords of Twilight – Greg Gifune”

Necroscope II: Vamphyri! – Brian Lumley

Harry Keough saved the world with the help of the dead when he destroyed Boris Dragosani. Now the world is free from vampires…or is it? You see, vampires are a cunning lot. They don’t survive for over a thousand years by giving up their secrets freely and, even in death, Thibor Ferenczy still has aContinue reading “Necroscope II: Vamphyri! – Brian Lumley”

The Sorrows – Jonathan Janz

Janz’s first novel and it shows the potential that he’s capable of. The Sorrows is a unique take on the Shirley Jackson classic, The Haunting of Hill House and the movie House on Haunted Hill. I’ve always had a problem with the whole overused and tired premise of trying to drag a bunch of charactersContinue reading “The Sorrows – Jonathan Janz”

The Jigsaw Man – Gord Rollo

A modern take on the classic Frankenstein story for the ages. This is my first novel by Rollo and simply put, it won’t be my last. I’ve read some amazing books in 2014. Jigsaw Man is now not only my favorite for this year, but many other years as well. The writing is crisp andContinue reading “The Jigsaw Man – Gord Rollo”

Berserk – Tim Lebbon

I’ve always heard the saying you don’t judge a book by its cover and I can say that I haven’t picked out a book that way since I was a kid wandering around the adult fiction section for the first time at the local bookstore. Well that bookstore met it’s demise by the wrecking ballContinue reading “Berserk – Tim Lebbon”

Book of the Dead – edited by John Skipp & Craig Spector

In the 1980s, the only person that was doing anything significant with zombies was the Godfather himself, George Romero. In horror fiction, zombie stories were as dead as the zombies themselves. Then, in 1989, this little gem of a collection came along and among it’s pages were some heavy hitters from the horror and sci-fiContinue reading “Book of the Dead – edited by John Skipp & Craig Spector”

Mr. Mercedes – Stephen King

I was excited for the release of Mr Mercedes as soon as I saw the premise on King’s website last year. When the book came out in June, I was in the middle of reading 2 other books. Then, I started reading the review on here and they were all over the place. This causedContinue reading “Mr. Mercedes – Stephen King”

The Houngan – J.N. Williamson

A houngan is a male Voodoo priest. Van Cerf is a divorced father of a twelve-year old boy and unemployed. Van is an advertising writer who has struggled finding satisfaction in his work environment from the various employers he’s had through the years. As a result, he finds himself with bills mounting and his confidenceContinue reading “The Houngan – J.N. Williamson”