Firestarter – Stephen King

Andy and his daughter Charlene, Charlie for short, are on the run. A government agency known as The Shop are after them. Years ago, The Shop was responsible for administering a secret experiemental drug into the veins of Charlie’s parents when they were broke and naive college kids. The drug, called Lot Number Six, wentContinue reading “Firestarter – Stephen King”

The Dead Zone – Stephen King

The Dead Zone was a re-read for me, as many will be as I go through The Stephen King Challenge, and I forgot how powerful this book was. King was really in fine form during this period in the late 1970s. Johnny Smith is a young teacher that has started to date Sarah, another youngContinue reading “The Dead Zone – Stephen King”

Desolation – Kristopher Rufty

Grant Marlowe changed Dennis’s life forever that fateful night when he drunkenly got behind the wheel and killed his pregnant wife and child. Grant’s big-shot lawyer friends got him off easy. Too easy for Dennis and he can’t get over the pain and suffering of losing his family. In fact, while Grant is getting outContinue reading “Desolation – Kristopher Rufty”

The Long Walk – Stephen King

The Long Walk is a re-read for me that I picked back up for Book #7 of the Stephen King Challenge. It is also one of the original stories that King wrote as Richard Bachman. I found it funny in the prologue section entitled The Importance of Being Bachman, King writes that he used hisContinue reading “The Long Walk – Stephen King”

Submerged – Thomas Monteleone

Monteleone’s Submerged looked amazingly promising on the surface. A sunken Nazi U-boat that isn’t listed on any documents from the war, a secret German mission, and a hidden Nazi base under the ice of Greenland. I’m happy to report that Submerged was all that I hoped it would be and much more. Dex, an ex-NavyContinue reading “Submerged – Thomas Monteleone”

The Stand – Stephen King

For many, The Stand needs no introduction. If you’re a King fan, chances are you’ve already tackled this behemoth. Others seem to be intimidated by the sheer size of this monster and move on to his other stories that don’t weigh as much a Buick. For those of you who may be trying to decideContinue reading “The Stand – Stephen King”

Night Shift – Stephen King

Book 5 of the Stephen King Challenge is Night Shift. Night Shift is the first short story collection from Stephen King and it is quite simply the finest group of short stories that I’ve ever read. While not all of them are 5 star reads, as a whole the entire compilation is amazing. This isContinue reading “Night Shift – Stephen King”

Rage – Richard Bachman/Stephen King

Rage is the first of King’s Bachman Books and can be very hard to find these days. I happened to have a paperback copy of the Bachman Books that happened to include the prologue of why King chose to write under the pseudoname of Richard Bachman. He basically wanted to see if his writing couldContinue reading “Rage – Richard Bachman/Stephen King”

The Shining – Stephen King

Book 3 of The Stephen King Challenge and my third time reading The Shining. There’s a reason it’s considered one King’s very best. It has everything that makes a book great. Great characters that have many layers to them and we invest in. One spooky, desolate location that oozes evil. A nice, tight storytelling thatContinue reading “The Shining – Stephen King”

‘Salem’s Lot – Stephen King

Salem’s Lot, King’s second novel, is a story about what would’ve happened if Count Dracula came to America to the sleepy, little bedroom town of Jerusalem’s Lot. Set in the early 1970’s, when the book was written, King paints a vivid image of Salem’s Lot, it’s geography, citizens, all of their quirks and habits, theContinue reading “‘Salem’s Lot – Stephen King”