The Face of an Unlikely God – Gord Rollo


What an absolute gem! This is my third story of Rollo’s that I’ve read and it serves as a wonderful tie-breaker. Let me explain. My first exposure to Gord’s work was The Jigsaw Man and it blew me away. So much so, that I ranked it as my favorite read of 2014 and that was no easy feat. That led me to pick up his first novel, Crimson. Unfortunately, that one was a mixed bag of nuts for me. If you’d like to learn more on why that was, I encourage you to read my review for an in-depth analysis of it. So, that left me wondering where Rollo stood in the batting order. Was Crimson simply an example of a debut covered with warts but still holding a layer of potential underneath while The Jigsaw Man showcased what he could really do now that he had cut his literary teeth? Or was The Jigsaw Man an anomoly? I let The Face Of An Unlikely God be the tiebreaker and oh what a slap to the face wake up call it was. I’m pleased to anounce that Rollo has indeed matured into one hell of a writer.

In 1963, Professor Leonard Harris can’t believe his good fortune as he becomes the first white man to be allowed to research and observe the Huaorani tribe that live in the remote Amazon jungle. He learns that they worship the Great Jaguar as their deity. The nearby tribe, the Quatuani, whom they’ve been warring with for hundreds of years worships the pirahna as their deity. When professor Harris finds himself involved in a sacred ritual of the Huaorani, the tribe believes they have unlocked Harris’s destiny.

Rollo has packed so much into so few pages, there is no way you can resist not finishing The Face Of An Unlikely God in one sitting. It simply pulls you into the story with its mesmerizing qualities with images so vivid, you’d swear you were there. I cant say this enough – get this story and read it NOW!

5 out of 5 stars
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