Out of the Light – Douglas Smith


It’s Friday the 13th and I discovered a new author today through his fantastic short story, Out of the Light. Douglas Smith’s gem was buried in a compilation called Best New Werewolf Tales, Volume One. You can also download it on it’s own through Amazon. Either way, it’s worth way more than they charge.

Jan was a hunter of shapeshifters from the old country. After a terrible mistake killed the woman he loved, Jan decides to move to Toronto and get away from the beasts that destroyed his life. You see, the big city is full of bustling people and bright lights. The complete opposite of their dark rural habitat that they thrive in. Less people and lights equals less chance of getting caught. All seems safe until a series of murders in the city ring familiar to the past that Jan tried so hard to run away from. Apparently, all things evolve.

Such a wonderful and fresh take on the whole werewolf/shapeshifter legend. The storytelling is crisp with vibrant colorful characters that easily appear in your mind. Nice to meet you, Mr. Smith. We’ll be seeing each other again…soon.

5 out of 5 stars
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