Judgement Day – Andrew Neiderman

imageThis is my first time reading Neiderman. I have seen and enjoyed the adaptation of The Devil’s Advocate with Al Pacino and Keanu Reeves as well as the obscure and excellent Pin with Terry O’Quinn. Judgement Day is the prequel to The Devil’s Advocate and I can’t say that I enjoyed it. But a story about the devil taking over a NYC law firm that isn’t A) scary, B) creepy, C) gory, or D) believable, is going to be a hard sell. Add in the fact, that it actually comes across as a hokey Lifetime movie meets an episode of Law and Order, and you can see the eye rolls from here. The characters were a mess. The execution of the plot was like fast food. Not very interesting and making you wish you’d eaten something else. It was also full of holes. The devil decides he wants to be a lawyer and work his way up from a small town firm to a NYC firm that, oh by the way, he’s going to systematically kill off everyone in the firm that stands in his way of taking it over? The detective is a former seminary student that can see evil and the devil and dosn’t seem to follow any of the rules any other detective does and NYPD is perfectly fine with that? His newly assigned partner spends the whole book asking him who, what and why he’s doing every move he makes and the detective never explains any of it? The new assistant DA is incredibly beautiful, never had time for a guy, falls for the weird detective, insert Harlequin romance scene here, yada, yada, yada. Oh and lets shove a bunch of devil trickery in at the end of the story that no one but the detective can figure out. YAWN. If you’re looking for a big chunk of undigestible cheese, here it is. Otherwise, nothing to see here. Move along.
~ I received this ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review ~
2 cheap imitation devil horns out of 5
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