Woman in White – Kristin Dearborn


What is the woman in white? Ahh…that is a very good question and the answer is a slippery one. Just when you think you have it, it gets away from you.

Rocky Rhodes, Maine. Yes, it is a goofy name for a town and the inhabitants know it and make fun of it. It is set in the middle of nowheres-vile Maine north of Bangor. Population – not very damn many. Cell phone service? Fergetaboutit. Ain’t happenin. If that isn’t bad enough, how about adding a snowstorm so powerful that everything is shut down and covered in a thick blanket of the white stuff? Dennis is on his way to his girlfriend’s trailer for a little gaming and some fun when he goes off the road to avoid hitting a woman standing in the middle of the snow storm with no shoes on. The next day, all the authorities can find is his abandoned Camry with an interior covered in blood. Bring in the forensic specialist and the state cop, who happen to be having an affair with each other. After inspecting the crime scene, things aren’t adding up right. Where is the body? Why is there more blood than a human body holds and why is it devoid of any DNA markers? And why are all the subsequent victims all male?

Woman in White is my first forray into Kristin Dearborn’s writing. She’s a talented author that can really make you feel frostbitten by the way she makes the snowstorm it’s own separate character. Kudos also for taking elements of The Thing, The Blob, and Ghost Story and making it her own. The downside for me were some of the characters. While Nate was one nasty bastard that I actually loved to hate, Lee was an annoying cardboard cutout. I mean, whoever heard of a prissy, spoiled forensic scientist? All in all, it was still decent read that will chill you down to your bones.

3 1/2 Frostbitten Toes out of 5
** This ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review.
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