Loch Ness Revenge – Hunter Shea



2019 is starting out with a bang as Hunter Shea’s LOCH NESS REVENGE is my first read of the new year. And oh what a read it was. Who isn’t fascinated by one of the most famous cryptids of all time, the Loch Ness Monster? For me, Nessie has always been one of the holy trifecta of cryptids, along with Sasquatch and the Yeti. I can still hear Leonard Nimoy’s voice from my childhood as he told us every week what he was In Search Of, and Nessie was one of my favorites. So how can you tell a believable story about Scotland’s favorite monster without making it sound like a hokie fairy tale? Equal parts humor and horror. That’s it. Who knew? Shea did, that’s who. And it he does it very well.

As children, Natalie and Austin watch in horror as their parents get munched by Nessie at Loch Ness. Of course, no else saw it and they’re disappearance gets labeled as accidental drownings. But the kids know better and they don’t forget. Left with a huge life insurance inheritance that they collect once they turn 18, Natalie and Austin use it to get on with their lives. For Austin, it’s to head off to college and forget about the accident. Natalie has other plans. She buys an RV and moves to Loch Ness to stake out in hopes of spotting Nessie…and exacting revenge.

Shea uses a first-person telling of the tale and it works beautifully with plenty of helpings of humor added to the horror. By doing this, he’s able to expertly shoot down all of the hard to believe happenings by having the characters joke about how crazy it is. Believe me when I tell you, it works and it works well. Think of how the characters are in Night of the Creeps or 1988’s version of The Blob. By creating the story in this manner, Shea makes for an extremely enjoyable thrill ride. You’ll love the characters and their banter back and forth each other. Lots and lots of good old fashioned ball-busting. Throw in a nerd with access to lots of firepower and you have Loch Ness turning crimson red with lots of floating meaty chunks. What’s not to love?
5 out of sides of beef out of 5
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